Sarah Sorlien

    Great that worked! It let me access the page with your last reply.

    So Lily and I spent yesterday doing five searches, most NW3 or Elite level, with Jill Marie O’Brien. I was blinded to the number and location of the hides. I learned a lot, let me list. Some particularly relate to the patterned container search.

    1. Lily did great with a 90 degree day with long searches. Enthusiastic all day long. Last search was the best, and was off leash. So endurance, one of my original concerns when starting the course, has really improved.

    2. I can see I really need to do more where I am blinded to the hides. I absolutely am influencing her and directing the search based on my knowledge of the hide locations. I think that is why I had the impression she was checking the boxes in our preceding videos and you notice she seemed to be skipping over them. I see what I want to see…

    3. Worked a short leash on a search of a big outdoor search with church pews, and that went well. Also for a speed vehicle search. Both were fine on finding hides, but not under the time limit. I did like it.

    4. Container search windy, outdoors and like the one in our video.- only one with a false alert and problems. My problems. I actually had noticed the same behavior in this last patterned search video we did. I didn’t get it though. Basically Lily showed interest in a container (not the tennis ball), but not for long. When I knew were the hides were, I ignored that behavior, but I remember thinking it odd. At the practice where I didn’t know where the hide was, I called that same behavior as an alert. Jill Marie’s observation was that I was restraining Lily with the short leash and my body language and therefore basically creating an inaccessible hide situation. She had dispersed odor and couldn’t get closer. When I let her lead me in, she found the correct box right away. Her observation was that Lily cues off of me and she is not the sort who will push past me to get to odor. I think I need to find a balance there, especially on a windy outdoor search.

    5. Jill did not believe me that Lily scratches as a nervous tic or that could be useful information. I have tried her without the harnesss, different harnesses, and in learning different skills it only comes up when she is trying to figure something out – I really did find it useful for the interior off leash. She did once after finding the first hide following a back and forth sniffing session over a small area. She hadn’t checked the whole room though. I asked her to search some more, she found another hide. I had her check one more area she hadn’t been to. She searched then scratched and I called finish correctly. It was so clear to me…

    So Lily did the best (fastest time) off leash with some direction from me. I am the weakest link 🙂