Linda Bath

    Hi Kim. Back from the Ninilchik trial. We did not earn our NW3 title. I made two mistakes (that I know of) 1. didn’t call finish at the 30 second warning. Molly was searching odor and almost had me convinced something was there in vehicles. Was pooling due to wind. 2. Didn’t remember to take Molly back to an area she had shown interest in when we still had plenty of time to search! Geeze. Molly missed one hide on her own in containers. Most teams missed the same hide. Not sure why. Molly did a great job of searching, alerting, and sticking to the search.
    Anyway we had fun, met a lot of great people, and learned a lot.
    Now onto our training here. In the morning we will set up a search and I do have someone to film for me. Will set up two hides/ paired. Then similar search with two hides not paired.