Kimberly Buchanan

The first search worked pretty well for Molly. The location of the previous hide was a bit of a distraction but she worked it out.

In the second search, there are a few things that might have helped;

* When you open the door to give Molly access to the room, consider what that door then did to the odors. Created a huge fan to move the odors around. You really MUST wait at the threshold a moment so the odors have a chance to settle and Molly has an opportunity to assess the room before entering. It is very possible Molly may have found the hide near the door opening even before coming in but she blasted thru the door into the room with you following which eliminated that possibility. Really important.

* Second thing is that the open door has created a niche in the room that Molly keeps skipping. Many times. So you have two choices when training something like this, well really 3; Close the door behind you and risk the air movement from that. Keep the door OPEN but open further so there is no “behind the door” space that is easily missed. OR, don’t put hides on opposite sides of a door. The actual hide LOCATIONS were great, tho’, for this exercise!

* This is a small room to navigate for a handler and I know how challenging it is to handle and videotape at the same time! But if you take note of your location you were not in a position to DRAW or PUSH Molly over to the location of the second hide and instead you directed her near the end. Sure, we use whatever means we have when we really need the dog to investigate a location but I would suggest you try to use body pressure rather than direction to see if Molly will go into an area or deeper into a space with your position.

The good news is that Molly kept working and really tried to find the source of the second odor! So we’re seeing a bit more resilience, I think and she’s willing to keep trying. 🙂

I think we need to work some more of these! If you don’t have the ability to have someone film you and the space won’t work for a tripod, just do your best to capture what you can. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training