Linda Bath

I watched the previous video again and noticed Molly wasn’t wearing her harness? Used two different rooms for this one. First Was the bedroom. 68 degrees temp. 15 min cook of birch and cloves. Paired. One was on the corner at the foot of the bed the other was on the side table by the couch.
Molly came in and found the first hide fairly quickly. She continued and was on odor, just needed to work it out.
Spent quite a bit of time at the side table (previous odor or from the one on the bed?), Molly was able to work it out-note her nose in the air to find the corner hide on the bed.
Second search was again birch and cloves. 15 min cook time. 68 degrees. First was to the right of the door on the cat scratcher. The second was behind the door on the corner of the cabinet. This was a little more difficult. A lot more things in the room to catch odor. Molly spent a long time finding the hides. I believe she was on odor the whole time, but had to work it out. She did get the one by the door fairly quickly. When she got frustrated she kept returning to it. Molly was very thorough, checking her dog kennel, cat boxes, garbage can, etc..but kept missing the cabinet. Towards the end I though she had it, but then moved over to the table and didn’t return to the corner, until I moved over to the door. I let it run over 3 min only so you could see the end. Was a success. Watching the video I should have closed the door after Molly came in. I think that may have made it easier for her to source.
Look forward to your comments. I will be able to check this in the morning, but then we are heading to Ninilchik for the trial there. Might have Internet, but we are camping on the fairgrounds. I am sure I will learn a lot while I am there.