Sarah Sorlien

    This exterior search covered a larger area. I think I will do a more restricted one tomorrow. I also want to get better video of the threshold portion of the search. I had a huge problem (edited out) with the treats this time. They got stuck or became inaccessible, so that was a few minutes of the search. It is all edited out, but that interrupted the flow for me. The search was about twice as long as you see in the video.

    I did a hybrid of a patterned search and letting her lead the way. I felt confident we covered the whole area, and that I could tell when she was done. She also went with me easily to areas I wanted her to check. You can see that at the end with the repeat search of the first area of the search. She scratches there – the only time. Those were the two closest hides as well. I think she has caught on that each hide only pays once.

    You don’t see the threshold search too much in the video, but she found that one right away. She also did a nice tour of the porch for me when I asked. I think holding her at the threshold is good as she tends to go to the furthest hide first.

    I am interested in your thoughts on how things went on the sidewalk search at the very end. She missed the hide but then caught it from another angle. Can you see how I got in the way there?