Linda Bath

Very good information about the pairing. I will have to digest it.
This search has two hides, nose level. Birch and Cloves. Cooked for two hours.
One just inside the door, in the drawer. Second one nose level on the closet door.
Molly races in past both hides. Interested, but did not stay on the hides. Obviously smelling odor the whole time, just not deciding where they are. Alerts on door. Leaves room a couple times and I call her back (realize she may be following the odor). When she is at the odor I prematurely reward her. Should I have let her make up her mind to come back?
Kim, These are hides Molly would have normally had no problem with. Is it normal for a dog to have good days and bad days? As I ask this question, I am thinking probably is.
Tonight I finally had time to read and watch the other posts. Even re-read some I should have remembered. One was you telling us to do easy, one hide searches so our partner doesn’t get burned out. I haven’t been doing that between all the searches.
As always I look forward to your input.