Kimberly Buchanan

    I would agree with you that it looked to be difficult to restrain her from the middle hide and then later with the chair. When you work a search like this it is MUCH easier when you do not have hides that close. It seems unfair to restrain Lily from going to a hide. The good news is that she WAS very persistent! 😉

    So maybe the strategy for you is to have the “plan” then allow Lily to diverge from the plan when you feel confident that she’s working a hide. The trick would be to get back to your “plan” rather then to continue following her. (Just as you mention.) It can be somewhat uncomfortable in the beginning, restraining your dog when you have let them lead the way so often. But it can be a good thing when you make sure the dog really covers the search area. Especially when you’re prone to getting lost. 😉

    I think keeping Lily slightly hungry is helping a lot! Has she lost weight? A dog with a few extra pounds can definitely lack energy in searching so keeping a dog lean is helpful.

    Good job!

    Kimberly Buchanan
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