Sarah Sorlien

So I really learned a lot from this search.
I have to say the find your dinner game, reduced rations and this new pairing protocol (and maybe just doing more with her overall) seems to have really increased her odor obedience and drive to search.

This was an afternoon search when she used to be pokey.

I think it shows me a good strategy for her. I did try and constrain her to a patterned search, but she was telling me I was holding her back (even pulling her off odor!). She does give a clear indication when the hides are all discovered (scratching again.)

I am thinking I will let her go find what she wants then redirect her for a systematic sweep of the area. I think that would be faster and not miss anything.

I will be interested in your opinions. (watching again I can see I she is in odor with hide #2 when I pull her back to start the pattern.)