Ahhhh…. a good learning search. 😉

First off, I don’t think you corrected too harshly when Kalli peed. Of course, it’s all relative and I’m sure you were very frustrated but what we SEE on camera is not harsh.

I want to point out a few things in this search;

I think it’s too hard for Kalli, in an area that is highly distracting. She seemed not as distracted with the critter smells in the last search but the hides were paired. I think it’s critical to assess what will keep Kalli successful rather than what will test her. Especially after she peed right off the bat – and I believe she noticed the odor on the yellow post and still peed.

SO, how can you make her successful? Several ways;

* Drastically reduce the size of the search area
* Pair the hides
* Pay MUCH FASTER if hides are not paired
* Keep her UP and happy. I know you said you were both hot and tired and it showed in your reward process. There were no parties (that I could tell) for finding the odor. Kalli REALLY felt that from you IMO. So it was not motivating for her.

I am going to propose you try a search in a similar Exterior area that we’ve done a few times w/others where you place just one hide (paired) and give Kalli quick success. Go no further than what the yellow post is, hopefully with the wind blowing towards the start line. Have a party and Kalli goes back to the car, everyone’s happy. Re-pair the first hide and set out a second paired hide, not too far, so that the odor is blowing either to the start line or towards the first hide. (This can be slightly further into the search area.) Give Kalli success and repeat for a 3rd hide and end. Keep her successful and enthusiasm UP.

Let’s assess and see how that works! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training