Gina Baker

NW501:Lesson 5

8:30 PM
4 hides unpaired
birch, anise and combo
78 degrees and very very humid again
Pee area and loud traffic

This search I really felt we took several steps backwards. It was late and we both were hot and tried. I just did not have the patience as I usually do with her and I am sure she felt it. I should have paired but she was doing so well with pairing thought she would be ready to try without
I have combined two video– the fist one, right away she is sniffing and pees! She had just pee before we started the search! I pulled her away (as you can see) and yelled NO – not meaning too. I felt so bad – I did not deal with that very well –
Thoughts, suggestions? When I watched the video, yes you can see that she was sniffing pee but how else do you deal with that – I tried to keep moving. I stopped the search – was that right or wrong?
I did stop the search and we went for a walk, inside the building and did a couple boxes then back outside to try again. In hindsight I should have paired but hopefully this also gives a good lesson in learning. 0:57 she starts sniffing pee etc again, I pull her away better than the first time but….
She just didn’t move on as well as she has been and I felt I was back leading her. It certainly was not our best search but like Donna Hreniuk (went to a seminar a couple weeks ago) – learning is not always pretty!