Kimberly Buchanan

Ok, the good news, Molly is working really well! She’s focused in the search and generally willing to move on to find more hides!

What I was looking for was for you to not let Molly pass hides because she wouldn’t get another opportunity to search the area. Maybe I didn’t explain that well. We’re looking for search efficiency with a single pass thru. And then, after she worked the hides with some leash pressure (holding her from going too far) in one direction, work the search from the opposite direction to see if she learned from the first time thru. Hides won’t have moved but the direction of approach would be opposite. So think of a big circle around the yard with hides on the perimeter. Don’t get to go back, so you need to see what helps her find them along the way.

It’s an exercise a bit out of your normal comfort zone and more about your part in the search rather than just following where Molly wants to go. 🙂

Regarding the leash handling, try moving UP on the leash more, rather than raising your arm to keep it from not getting caught under Molly. Also, never let it drop on the ground when you go in to reward or at other times. That’s usually where things go wrong. You could use much less leash and it might be easier to handle. Maybe 3-4′ less?

Kimberly Buchanan
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