Linda Bath

Success! The videos are here.
6 hides cooked for around 30 minutes. The wind was blowing pretty briskly towards us on the first video.
To the left of start is a hide on the swing set at the base of the pool.
In blue wagon
Edge of the fireplace brick
Across from the fireplace in the wood pile.
About a foot from the tree by the rocks.
Up from all of these in the grass
These are birch/anise/and cloves.
Side note: Molly didn’t want her breakfast so had not eaten. It was almost dinner time. I usually feed her a little before to take the edge off and I didn’t this time. You can see she was all about the hot dogs.

Molly starts out strong and runs straight to the wagon. Then moves up to the fireplace. Over and up to the hide in the grass. I pulled her off of the hide!!! Then walk in front of her!! Molly walks by the hide in the rocks, catches odor and goes on to alert. Next she does a nice job of working out source on the wood pile. Again Molly is all about the food. I lure her and now Molly is watching my hands for more. Decided to search and alerts on the last hide.
Just over 2 minutes.

The next search we started back from the hide in the grass. The wind is still blowing, but starts to swirl more.
Molly heads in fast, goes past grass hide, rock hide, and over to fireplace. Again I am pulling her off. Need to reward more? At least a pat on the head? Molly then goes past wood pile over to grass and works the odor to swing. Turns and alerts on the hide in the wagon. Then up to the woodpile. Here she stays on the odor until I reward her again. Molly then alerts on the rock hide. Then moves up past the odor in the grass back to fireplace. Back to Hide in grass and alerts.

Molly worked the odors very well. Wasn’t bouncing around. Only pawed once at the grass hide. I forgot to reward her more, even if it was a pat. Watching these two videos I am seeing my handler skills have taken a deep dive. Any deeper and I would be drowning! Smile. I am having a hard time with leash handling, Keep pulling her off odor, and walking in front of her. I do know better than that. Pulling her off odor is from not rewarding her, so I can fix that pretty easy. Walking in front of her, just have to remember not to. Now leash handling, help! It keeps getting caught in her legs, all over the place.
As always a huge learning experience. What do you see in how Molly worked the odor and my handler actions.
Thank you as always.