Sarah Sorlien

Actually I really liked the systematic checking. I felt like we were a team, and I did feel confident we checked everywhere and found them all. While she did head over to one of the hides not in our search pattern right away, she really doesn’t seem to mind looking where I tell her. It doesn’t seem to bother her when there nothing is where I ask her to check – she just searches. When she had interest in a place with no hide (from the fan) I let her check it again to be sure.

I think I need to do some blind paired searches. I can’t really do that until next week. In the meantime I can do an exterior like this. Any other suggestions?

When I watched it back again, I think I didn’t make enough of a party with each find. That did not seem to deter her enthusiasm. The dictum from Tracking and Trailing sticks in my mind though: “Your next search is only as good as your last party.” I did give her a lot of praise and another treat at the end of the search to reward her for searching.