Sarah Sorlien

We learned a lot this weekend at the workshop. Lily is getting the calm with other dogs around thing down nicely.

So we are on a mission to lose some weight (both of us!) I am liking the pairing protocol we have had on the last few searches because the only treat per hide is the one she finds. Otherwise we are using her daily rations (1/3 less than before.) Honestly I think I was way too loose with the treats for training.

Unfortunately I had some tripod issues today. There is another on the way (and the camera can sit on a stool.) Anyway, I am sorry that I couldn’t capture the whole search area. Hopefully the voiceover helps.

This was a short ( 1 min 30 sec) patterned interior search with two hides. I made her keep searching after she found both to see her behavior.

This was a late afternoon search and she had a lot of enthusiasm.