Annette Miller

Long Week. I rented a community building for this search. There are five hides, all paired. My focus was seeing if I could get Dreamer to move away with just my voice and some body pressure. I think we accomplished that goal. I let him go back to hides, on purpose this time to see what it would take for him to move on. I think he did pretty well. I made a couple of handling mistakes. When he was at the middle chair, after he was moving on he got the leash wrapped and as I was bending over to untangle the leash I should have kept my mouth shut. I said,” where is it?” and brought him back to the hide he was moving away from. He went back to the table leg, on the right side of the screen, a couple of times. There was a hide there previously, but I had a camera malfunction so this is the second set of searches we did. Overall I am pleased with his search.