Kimberly Buchanan

    I loved this search! I thought Kalli did a wonderful job independently sorting out all the hides! 🙂

    Something about the toolbox hide made it a bit more difficult than the other hides but she figured that out in the end. (And we do see her GOING to it on a few occasions so you should take note that there is something drawing her over.) What I particularly liked was how Kalli went back to previously found hides to get her bearings. The only one that looked like she was wanting re-payment was the metal stand. And just a light re-cue was all it took for her to keep working. PLUS, it was only after finding all the other hides except the toolbox, which as noted, was a bit more challenging.

    I think what looks like “distraction” from Kalli could just be her sorting things out. You have 3 hides along the left wall so a lot of odor on that side. She re-checked the stool and headed directly across to the dehumidifier. Those things are important to note so IF you didn’t know where the hides were and you saw her purposely move to a location and then struggle to solve an odor problem you still recognize that she moved in that direction for a reason and you can support that.

    You can also see that Kalli clearly has an expectation that you will come and pay her when she gets to a hide.

    I’m really happy with the progress! SO happy to hear that Kalli’s “walkabout” was temporary and she came home. That can be SO scary! Just a sigh of relief! 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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