Kimberly Buchanan

It does. The other component, as you mention, is YOU the handler. I personally find myself getting mixed up and slightly “lost” when my dog ping-pongs and boings around in a search. It’s not as hard with Emmy but Zen likes to run laps. So I’ve started working him ON leash and clearing areas before we move on to the next. Meaning, I make sure we’ve covered what needs to be covered so I don’t need to guess where we’ve been and have not been. It’s patterned searching and doesn’t feel very pretty as we’re learning to work this together but it’s more efficient than letting my dog run circles and laps in a search area and me not remembering where we have/have not been!

So I wonder if some pattern searching will help for YOU? I also wonder if the stamina issue is partly frustration and giving up trying?

Kimberly Buchanan
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