Sarah Sorlien

I think I mentioned in the previous class that studies show humans can’t learn, improve and gain peak performance unless they are failing. The paradox is the dog needs to succeed to learn. I am so pleased to have unearthed some of my areas for improvement with this search!

Also, the voice over and editing really help me too. I watch the video over and over and really think about what I am seeing.

I take the point on the unpaired inaccessible. I could see it was frustrating for her at the time as well (nice she has such a good marker with the scratching). She is a good girl and searches so nicely for me – I feel bad I didn’t pay her sooner. (Actually I feel a little like a Tiger Mom ;)). I could tell she knew it was there, but I wouldn’t have been able to say where at a trial. I am thinking in training successive approximation is a better way.

I think the leash handling was another version of what happened in the first video where I spent a lot of time filming the hides and not the dog. I couldn’t see my body language in that one, of course, but I wondered what I was doing and communicating to her since I obviously was focused in the hides I placed. I think some of that is because I don’t have visual memory (born that way :)) and I am a little afraid of forgetting where the hides are. Having them paired helps with that since I don’t have to worry about moving in to treat. I think maybe I will photograph them when I place them so I don’t worry about losing one.

The other part is the competitor (cheater?) in me, I guess. I want her to get everything so I think I lead her to areas where she has missed things. That can’t be it completely, though, because I didn’t lead her to the one on the fence, for example. Mostly I think I was leading her to the elevated hide.

Today I had the grandkids place the hides and I didn’t know where they were. The kids and their mom knew and were watching. That was off leash and with a complication of a collie. I noticed she had persistence when she got to a hide that had been unpaired by the collie, which was good, and she went to 3 of four and stopped searching. I asked her to search again and off she went to the last one which was still paired. All ground hides. I knew there were four.

Any way my point with that story is I think I should practice more with her on leash when I don’t know where the hides are. I can try to be more of an observer,but I think it would be easier if I was responding to the environment and her search behaviors rather than controlling the environment. Does that make sense?