Annette Miller

I tried the search again. I moved one hide that was difficult for him to reach last time. Six hides, birch and/or anise. Temperature low 70’s. 11:00 A.m. No wind. It rained most of the day yesterday and last night, so the ground is moist. The hides were out for about fifteen minutes before we worked the search. It is difficult to see in the video but there is one hide in the far corner on a post. My husband didn’t get the start, but as soon as I put Dreamer down he was running to find odor. I tried to move him on as quickly as possible after he got his treat at each hide. I resisted the urge to pay him again. I was very late telling him good boy and moving him on after he got the hide on the second tree( closest to where we started.) It made a difference in how difficult it was to get him to move on. He was getting the idea, and I was very pleased to see him move off of the last hide on his own. He was trying to get back to the tree, but I will take it! Annette