Sarah Sorlien

I hear you on the camera. I think I was too afraid I was going to drop it in the pool and wasn’t thinking straight.

This is an AM, 6 hide search at a less familiar exterior location. The search lasted about 4 1/2 min and then I stayed 30 s more in the area (not shown) to see how she did when there were no more hides (she basically stopped showing interest in searching.) I edited down the search to 3 min and used two cameras.

What I liked about this was seeing how she puzzled through the converging odor (again with the scratching, or course) and how she communicated an inaccessible hide to me. I didn’t reward her until her signal was very clear, but I could see that she knew something was “up” long before that.

I think I could tell when she found them all. (of course I knew how many there are.)

Also in terms of distractions, there were people walking their dogs nearby at two occasions, and that did not interest her. Only think I saw take her off task was some crittering at one point that I note in the voice over.

See what you think.