Kimberly Buchanan

Yes! This is what you do with multiple hides. IF there is another opportunity for success you do not pay for one the dog has already gotten. Soon the dog learns to look for the “new” hides.

This is a balance because if the dog is working hard to find those new hides and cannot, we still want them to feel successful so we will pay when they go back to a previous hide. It does seem it will be necessary to NOT pay Dreamer right now, tho’, simply to encourage him to keep looking for more. By pairing it is obvious that he can be rewarded with more hides and you do not need to be there for his reward. You can keep him from going back to a previous hide by you body position (close – unless he pushes thru as you say he does/ or far – to draw him elsewhere) or by using a leash.

Dreamer shows GREAT persistence but when he always wins there is no incentive for him to keep hunting. And this is a BIG part of NW so you’re starting out the gate handicapped.

Try your search again but put him on leash if he’s working off-leash. If he’s working on-leash, just don’t let him go back to a previous hide.

Kimberly Buchanan
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