Annette Miller

I paid if he went back, after I got him away from it and he was searching. Most of the time, I would get between him and source and tell him to go search. I physically moved him off of it by using his harness a few times. He is the most determined little guy. If he wants something off the counter or shelf he will just keep talking, indicating, even if I am in another room. The longest I have counted to date is 2 1/2 hours. And yes, I finally gave in.

So, up until now, I have been taught odor always pays, if the dog goes back to source, pay. At least twice, I stood still so he couldn’t get to source and he lunged, with his front feet off the ground at the end of the leash to try to get to source. He is little and I have balance and depth perception problems, so I can’t always get between him and odor. I am thinking I need to teach him a move on command but I am unsure how to do that while maintaining his enthusiasm. Some how I need to make the searching more important.