Gina Baker

    NW501:Lesson 3
    Was able to do another off-leash at a semi-new environment. Tennis court on the other side of the basketball court. – Definitely more distractions.
    7:45 PM
    82 degrees
    A slight breeze now and then – right to left
    6 hides – birch, anise and combo
    Different distances
    Hides were only in position for about 10 mins but had been in the tins for at least 24 hours. I was being lazy – what are your thoughts on that?
    We both were more distracted on this search.
    This search also seems more challenging but I felt she moved on well.
    First hide she got pretty quick – she moved right on – YAY! But she moved on the wrong way – she was heading towards the basketball court – trotting like she was in odor. I let her, did not want to discourage her for moving on from the first hide. 0:32 did say back this way. At 0:49 -I have no cue why I looked away – and sent her back behind me. Shame on me! She thought about the first hide but never went in for it. At 1:50 she did miss the hide on the netting pole but continued to find another hide and waited for me, moved on – third hide keep going, fourth waited then on to fifth. She then widens her search area again towards the basketball court – 3:02 something caught her eye – a little bit of encouragement got her back into the search. You can’t tell but at 3:34 I started to panic – had my eye on three kids on bikes that were weaving back and forth on the road and getting closer! That will send her over the threshold in a split second. At 3:38 decided I need to move her on things going through my mind – hide was not in the area that she was in, she had already been searching awhile and I wanted her to find the last hide so we ended on a good note and we had to hurry! She followed me and it worked out great! Turned around to leave and sure enough there is a kid at gate and Kalli went crazy!!! Told him to back away until I got her out of there – forgot my sign and it just amazes me that the younger generation do not respect closed gates or doors! When we got home I did two quick easy hides – paired.