Linda Bath

I apologize for the quality of this video. The beginning is blurry, but gets better. I didn’t explain to the videographer that they could move closer so we could see Molly better. I do believe it still shows some positive and negative, so will use it anyway.
There were seven hides, some cloves, birch, anise, and one mixed.
In the wood pile, slightly elevated
Across from the wood pile, foot of the well house, by rake.
One on the back of the first Adriatic (sp) chair
On the table of the double chairs, one furthest away.
Bottom of spool (table) beside the double chair.
One on the ground inside the over turned bench.
And one just left of the chairs and up from the overturned bench in the grass.

Molly is very excited and happy. Runs into the search area, catches odor, slips, turns and finds the wood pile hide. With encouragement she moves on, happy. Continues on odor moving around the outside of the chairs to the odor on spool. Moves away from hide area and picks up the odor by the overturned bench. Does a nice job of figuring out how to get to it. I then end up moving in Molly’s way and standing in front of hide in the grass. Don’t realize this until I watch the video.
Molly works the inside of the search area and finds the odor on the double chair. Even jumping up (yeah!). Molly then works back up to original hide on the wood pile. Follows the odor but goes past the well house and over to the bushes. I call her to keep Molly from going into a very steep hole. If I had not interupted her she may have been able to follow it back to the well house. Meanwhile she does work it to the Adriatic chair. Returns to wood pile looks around, sniffs at what I believe was crittering smell, then moves on. You can’t see it, but Molly goes to the outside of the area and pees.
End of video.
Molly has not peed in a search area since the beginning. To be fair I did not empty her before doing this search.
I was so shocked all I could do was laugh and stop the search.
Before that moment I do believe she was on odor most of the time, just working out what was the strongest first. Molly was relaxed and having a good time.
Great exercize.
I am going to Sitka for five days. Won’t be able to do a new search till next Thursday the 11. Molly isn’t coming with me.
As always look forward to your take on this and what we will do next. I do believe we are making progress.