Kimberly Buchanan

This was lovely!! And I don’t think your hides were too far apart! The spacing was a suggestion based on finding an appropriate interior location. This distance worked well and was actually easier I think.

Once Kalli understood that she wasn’t going to be paid again for finding a hide she was willing to move on and found all the hides in a really efficient way. It was almost as if the odor took her by the collar and drew her in. You also learned the value of body pressure! Just taking a couple of steps got Kalli moving again. And the hand gesture, as well. Eventually you may not need to do that and Kalli will move on by herself but good to know that it works when you do! 🙂

I really liked that Kalli was still wanting to search at the end. When you consider that she found 6 hides in a little over 2 minutes that’s fantastic!

Where else can you go to duplicate the assignment off-leash? I think we’re on a roll and I’d like to reinforce this one more time with paired hides. (After that we’ll look at having them unpaired.) 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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