Gina Baker

6 hides – well beyond the 5t – 6ft apart
Birch, Anise and combo
7:50 PM
No air movement
Pushed the envelope a bit with hides being so far apart and chain link fence
I know I didn’t follow directions as well as I should have – but it was a new place, never have been on the basket court and I was able to close the gate with a note on the gate – “Dog in training” –just in case somebody came.
The hides were definitely farther apart than they should have been – I am really bad with distance, started to place the hides thinking, “Oh this is going to be a fun search.” But once she got going, I thought she did well.
She was very insisted on going back to the first hide – (which seems be her routine) – she does leave the first hide after re-cueing – change of behavior at 0:30 and 0:32 – but comes back to the first hide and was very insisted about it. I moved her on by the harness and then at 0:47 she trots to the next one – still a bit insisted on staying at the second but does move on, hits the third hide – then keeps moving to the fourth, fifth and sixth – even seemed to want to keep searching. I treated heavily off camera.
I did not turn away and felt much better about that, I think she was a little confused but I think she appreciated it.
I did try hand motion – ? if that was effective or just leading her