I really like this search! With the complications of the multiple odors she maintained her search desire and showed us when she got frustrated and began scratching. YOUR position looked good, as well! I’m guessing, since you didn’t have to be responsible for rewarding Lily, you could relax and stay back to observe. This is also a space that you don’t need to be too close to observe. Did it feel like you gave her more room than you normally would give? You went in to praise and she moved on to find another hide. Great! Also, with the last hide on the door frame, your position gave a needed “air current break” between that hide and the one on the treadmill.

I noticed in this search that you have the cover on the pool. Could that have affected how she searched? You mention (and we saw) her hesitation at one point in the last search being too close to the water. She glances over to the pool at one point (:42) as she self-rewarded at the hide nearby, but she doesn’t show the same hesitation. You mention moving it towards the edge so it’s not as close, so maybe that’s the difference?

What are your thoughts about the pairing of the hides and its effect on your distance from Lily while she was searching?

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training