Sarah Sorlien

Well we spent the week doing twice daily dinner hides. She was quite fast with these, especially the last few which I had elevated to nose level. Today we tried the long day protocol. All the hides were aged at least 30 min and some an hour. I managed to do all the elements!

We started around 9 am with two exterior hides placed in the rain exterior at nose level which she found in about a minute. She was enthusiastic getting on her harness on and we worked on leash for all three elements. A few hours later we did two hides outside in containers, which was basically the same speed and enthusiasm. About 3 hours later we did three hides on three vehicles also very promptly with grandchildren watching and a pretty hot day.

After this, the grandkids noted she was very calm, and wanted to lie down. They are a little afraid of her when she is excited, so they commented on her calmness.

4 pm is usually dinner time. We skipped that, and around 4:30 we did the exercise in the exercise room. She does not usually search in here. There were 8 hides. She did find two I don’t show in the edited video. You will see she had a challenge with one, that I eventually did move because she was afraid of the location. The whole search was about five and a half minutes. The video clip is shorter because I learned how to edit in iMovie! With Voice Over!

You may use this clip to demonstrate why one should use a tripod. You may also want to take some dramamine first. I am sorry for that.