Linda Bath

Thank you Kim..here goes.
This search was in a large airplane hanger/garage. Lots of stuff going on. An L shape with the small part of the L not in the search area, but did have that door open. I put in eight hides.
Threshold hide (birch) in the drawer on the right.
Tool box (anise) to the left
Sink on the righ hand side as you look at it, underneath (birch)
Broken drawer (open) past sink
plane front left strut (anise)
Garage door just past plane lower pipe (mixed odor)
Ice chest (cloves)
Gun case to the right of the entry door, past threshold (anise)

I held Molly for a minute at door in hopes she would catch the threshold hide, but she instead blew left past the tool box, sink, drawer, and airplane. I thought she caught odor at the garage door hide, but kept going to the cooler. Alert. Nice..I did say the dreaded Yes word.
Molly then moved on towards the gun cabinet and threshold (drawer). I think she caught the odor on the gun cabinet, but it was stronger at the drawer. Nice work pinpointing it. Molly then returned to the right past the tool box hide (front edge on the left, looking at it) to the sink and again does a nice job pinpointing the odor. Here is where it all starts to fall apart. My first mistake is not luring her from the odor in the beginning and then as she expectantly waits I break down and give her a treat. Molly finally starts searching again, but wants to see on top of the bench..which if she hadn’t had surgery I would have let her jump up and check…this is where I had set the bag of odor while I hid them. I tell her no…I assume not a good idea, but she then catches the odor in the drawer. Great! I then make another mistake and feed her treats while she is looking at me instead of having her nose on the odor!!!!! Aarrrg! Three minute mark here. Now Molly figures if she looks at me long enough she will get a treat. They learn quick! I do not give her a treat so she continues to look and finds the odor on the garage door. After the video was turned off Molly went on to find the gun cabinet without me asking her too.
A complete learning experience for me. On retrospect I think the hides were too close together in such a large area. I know Molly can find them, but should have possibly spread them out a little bit better. What do you think? Did I miss anything else?