Kimberly Buchanan

Such a cool vehicle search!

I would say you probably started “down wind” since you say the wind was at your face, blowing odor towards you?

I like how thoroughly Kalli details the tractor. She’s really trying hard to find source but you can see her at the far left how much is blowing up and over the vehicle. And when she steps up on the big tire, she’s catching odor all over!

When she initially looks at you at the tire (1:36) I think you were smart to just take a step. That encouraged her to keep working the problem. There were a few points where you could have rewarded but I don’t think you were wrong, waiting her out as she finally did locate source. 🙂

This was a tricky search! You can see how much the odor was blowing and trapping. I wasn’t sure how accessible it was at first, watching Kalli work initially from the left but once I saw that the hide was actually accessible I thought you were right to wait her out and she did a terrific job of figuring out the problem. 🙂

Oh – and your distance/movements were perfect! If you consciously chose to move in a way to block the wind, kudos to you! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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