Kathryn Dobyns

I think it was about 2011 when I took my older dog to our first nosework seminar. I took Ripton to several seminars and through a series of classes with a (non-certified) pet dog trainer. She passed her Birch ORT in March 2013 and we trialed once at NW1 in March 2014 and passed 3/4. She died a month later, so I then started working more seriously with Hunter – he passed his birch & anise ORT’s in May 2014, aced his NW1 in December 2014, earned his NW2 on the second try in May 2015. He passed his clove ORT in June 2015, passed 3/4 on his first NW3 in December 2015 and now we are on a quest to be ready for the fall trials – and hopefully we will get in at least one!