How long have you been playing Nose Work?

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      Carolyn Murray

        Just a fun question – wondering how long ago everyone started? Especially those of trialing at higher levels….

        I started training Scout in February or March of 2014. Lol!

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        Dave Ellison

          Bodie and I started in early 2011. NW1 title in Oct. 2012. Elite title a month ago. Initially my wife and I had no intention of competing. Even after our NW1 trial (the only trial we got both of our dogs into), we weren’t that serious. Now we are both completely addicted.

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          Deb (De) Frost

            I started training Baxter in late 2012. Passed our ORT spring 2013, earned his NW1 9/2013 (1st trial-Pronounced!).
            Note: to date, we have exactly 2 trial opportunities per year in Alaska.

            Baxter earned his NW2 in 5/2014 (2nd trial). Ran FEO in another NW2 trial in 9/2014 because (thank goodness, in hindsight) there were no NW3 trials in Alaska yet then. Earned Pronounced, but not on record because it was FEO. ?

            We totally BLEW our 1st NW3 trial 5/2015 – lack of experience on MY part – it was only our 4th ever trial! ??
            Earned our 1st NW3 title 9/2015.
            Missed again 5/2016 <sigh> entirely due to me making one bad call. Our next try is next month – 8/2016.

            Totally addicted. I started my older girl, 9-yr-old Abby, last year. She earned her NW1 in 5/2016. ?

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            Kathryn Dobyns

              I think it was about 2011 when I took my older dog to our first nosework seminar. I took Ripton to several seminars and through a series of classes with a (non-certified) pet dog trainer. She passed her Birch ORT in March 2013 and we trialed once at NW1 in March 2014 and passed 3/4. She died a month later, so I then started working more seriously with Hunter – he passed his birch & anise ORT’s in May 2014, aced his NW1 in December 2014, earned his NW2 on the second try in May 2015. He passed his clove ORT in June 2015, passed 3/4 on his first NW3 in December 2015 and now we are on a quest to be ready for the fall trials – and hopefully we will get in at least one!

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              Sarah Woodruff

                Angie and I started training with a non CNWI in March 2011. It was someone that saw a presentation at an APDT conference and thought it would be fun to try it on some students. We went to PA NW Camp that year, learned soooooo much and got hooked!!!

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