Linda Bath

    Great information Kim! I have been trying to not work her on leash, since our classes last winter. I think this has helped her find more confidence and not as much pressure. Your explanation of why to feed at the top of the stairs totally makes sense. Reward and then let her work down and if she alerts on it again, reward. This then helps boost her confidence that she is right. (Yes it was Terry videoing for me. So nice to have buddies)
    After watching the video again, I can see she is still very tuned into my movement. Should I stand still more? I wondered if knowing where the hide was on the climbing wall, did I move her towards it? All I was thinking was, shouldn’t have put it up where she would jump up on it (because of her leg).
    Marking the finds…so hard to break after being taught that in the beginning. We humans were taught to say yes. Will work on it. Have quit saying alert except in trial.
    On to the next video:

    A vehicle search. Two hides. I did not know where they were. Wind was blowing toward us. One was on the passenger rear bumper and one was on the front right tire in the left side of the wheel well (hub cap? Three hole).
    I decided leash to keep her on the vehicle, which from the looks of it, wouldn’t have been an issue off leash.
    Molly went straight to the rear bumper and alerted. Molly then followed around to the front (no room to go the other way as the building was blocking the access) caught odor on the front bumper. She then followed it around to the tire and alerted. It was a three hole hub. She alerted on the one across from where it really was. I felt that was a true alert and that she wasn’t wrong. In trial would have called alert.

    Question: Did I let her go too far under the car?