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      Linda Bath

      Hi Kim. This was a search with a lot of hides. Should have I rewarded her sooner on the chairs? The rest I felt she did pretty well all things considered. Molly is working much better off leash. Slow and steady but she does get it done.

      Nice to be back.

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      Hi Linda – don’t forget to give everyone a brief bio for you and Molly! Glad to see her moving along with pep in her step!

      So, I’m guessing some of these hides were inaccessible? Based on Molly’s behavior, it seems the hide was somewhere within the circle of chairs? Were you working on noticing odor or persistence in getting to source or communication? Each of these criteria would mean different timing. For Molly in this search, after she noticed odor she worked around the chairs AND she looked at you (:20, :24, :27) and then you paid at (:29). So yes, I would say you could have rewarded her sooner. ๐Ÿ™‚

      You were much faster rewarding her at the table. ๐Ÿ™‚

      One thing I do see consistently is that you are crowding her a bit. Because you knew where the hides were I imagine you were trying to be in position for a fast reward. Be careful of that. Dogs can inadvertently cue off your body language and it can backfire in a blind search; either you show that behavior because you THINK a hide is somewhere or you do not show that behavior because you don’t believe a hide is somewhere. It can be confusing to the dog and it can start a mad cycle of the dog “not communicating” or “lying” when in reality they’re just confused because of signals the handler is giving.

      Something to think about! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      I was so excited to be here again, I totally forgot the Bio!
      Hi everyone. Molly is an eight year old lab/mix. We live in Alaska during the summer and Mexico during the cold months of Alaska. While in Mexico this year Molly tore her ACL and is still recovering. She is doing very well and has been a lot more peppy than usual. She has earned her NW2 title and are on the waiting list to get into the trial in Ninilchik this August.

      All of these hides were inaccesable. Yes, I did know where they were. I will watch the crowding. Did not realize I was doing that, and yes it is so that I can reward fast to keep her from pawing.
      Kim I am so happy to be back and have your input. Thank you as always.

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      Linda Bath

      Two vehicles. Clove hide on the truck between the bed and the cab, about half way up. Off leash. The wind has been blowing/gusting but this is a fresh hide.
      Molly is straight past the first car to the truck. Right past hide, then I think she caught odor at the back,but was distracted by????? Called her back, she worked straight to the hide, but it looked like she wanted to make sure. Decided and went back to the hide. Even though the hide was half way up, I thought it was a good alert and rewarded her.
      I think it was working down the edge. You can’t see as I turned video off, but I did reward her from the hide down to where she alerted.
      So nice to have the excited Molly back.

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      Good job, Molly! If you look at a hide like this, there are a lot of spaces and places where outdoor can move. Based on Molly’s behavior, it looks like it was dropping and blowing under the vehicle to the back bumper. She may have been chasing odor when she left it headed down the road? I wonder how far she’d have gone??

      You call Molly back and she does a beautiful job of detailing and bracketing down the hide! This reminds me a little bit of Terry and Taku’s stacked chair search. The hide seems easy but because it is not contained the odor is moving. Taku made a quick decision but Terry had a different expectation so the reward was delayed. Molly just took a bit to decide where the strongest source of odor was emanating. This was a great search to watch and see how well Molly worked it.

      She also looked very happy to be searching! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      How the air moves still surprises me. I have a very hard time reading it. The next video was taken at a school playground. The wind was blowing towards the building when I set the hide and then switched towards the left as I am standing and facing the search area. There were two hides. One on the climbing wall and one on the stairs going up to the slide. I chose to work her off leash to give her more room, no crowding, and to see her decisions.
      Molly caught odor at the stairs, but something else seemed more important and she ran on. When I called her back, Molly worked out the odor very well. Almost gave her a reward on the stairs, but she decided to move down and alerted right on the elevated hide. Molly then sniffed a pole with definite pee smell and then decided to move on. When I watched the video I could see from where I was standing Molly probably could read something was in that area. She worked that elevated hide quite well, though she seemed to think it was one peg down from where it actually was. Air current or did I touch it with odor? Can’t tell you. Just need to be more careful.

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      Lots of interesting things happening here!

      I love that you chose to run Molly off-leash. We see a definite change of behavior at (:06) where Molly notices the odor on the stairs. What’s interesting to note is that you keep walking towards her and she then decides to leave the odor keep walking. However, as you slow down, she checks back with you (:14) but I can’t tell if you’re still moving forward. I’m not sure if she’s chasing odor or just not sure about her insistence that there is odor there?

      Molly comes back to search and your distance looks good, as does your movement with her. Plenty of room for Molly to work and she does go up the stairs as she tries to locate the source of the first hide. I also would have likely said to pay her as we hear Terry (?) say. You have a bunch of open/slatted/grated stairs with lots of air movement. So even tho’ your expectation was that Molly would source from below, she was telling you where it was strong up above. ๐Ÿ™‚ Remember, you can always pay the dog where they seem to sense it strongest then see if they work around to another location. You could even have encouraged her to then work it from below. But you would have already BELIEVED her, where she had told you. This is important, as you progress further and the searches and hide parameters potentially get more challenging.

      Great read on the “dog pee pole!” My guess is that she really was working odor and then was interrupted by the pole. You’re able to move her on and she then works the other hide.

      Molly does a nice job of detailing the climbing wall, but look what happens when you take a step towards her at (1:51)! She stops and looks at you. IMO, that was why she communicated where she did, not because she was making a decision. Surely odor is moving and collecting in that spot so she was in odor but she is also highly susceptible to your movements. Had her response been because she thought she’d found odor, I’d have paid her. But because it was in response to you instead, it was a good decision to wait for her to find source.

      I will also mention in this video that you do mark each find. If you read my comments in the Classroom forum, you’ll see why this can be problematic. With Molly who seems to be so in tune with you, this is something you’ll want to consider.

      Molly does a very nice job of searching this area, even with a child swinging in the background! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Great information Kim! I have been trying to not work her on leash, since our classes last winter. I think this has helped her find more confidence and not as much pressure. Your explanation of why to feed at the top of the stairs totally makes sense. Reward and then let her work down and if she alerts on it again, reward. This then helps boost her confidence that she is right. (Yes it was Terry videoing for me. So nice to have buddies)
      After watching the video again, I can see she is still very tuned into my movement. Should I stand still more? I wondered if knowing where the hide was on the climbing wall, did I move her towards it? All I was thinking was, shouldn’t have put it up where she would jump up on it (because of her leg).
      Marking the finds…so hard to break after being taught that in the beginning. We humans were taught to say yes. Will work on it. Have quit saying alert except in trial.
      On to the next video:

      A vehicle search. Two hides. I did not know where they were. Wind was blowing toward us. One was on the passenger rear bumper and one was on the front right tire in the left side of the wheel well (hub cap? Three hole).
      I decided leash to keep her on the vehicle, which from the looks of it, wouldn’t have been an issue off leash.
      Molly went straight to the rear bumper and alerted. Molly then followed around to the front (no room to go the other way as the building was blocking the access) caught odor on the front bumper. She then followed it around to the tire and alerted. It was a three hole hub. She alerted on the one across from where it really was. I felt that was a true alert and that she wasn’t wrong. In trial would have called alert.

      Question: Did I let her go too far under the car?

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      Hi Linda – I’m so sorry but you’ve already shared your 3 videos for review! Save this one for the next “Movie Week!” in September! ๐Ÿ™‚

      As for standing still or moving – it’s hard to say. I think the biggest issue is KNOWING that your movements have impact. Use your body pressure when you want to push/pull and be careful of applying it when you don’t mean to. Kind of like saving your words so they’re not so much chatter but have meaning. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Lol..I guess I should read the directions sometime. Thank you so much for all your feedback. As always, I have learned.
      Till next time.

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      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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