Kimberly Buchanan

Lots of interesting things happening here!

I love that you chose to run Molly off-leash. We see a definite change of behavior at (:06) where Molly notices the odor on the stairs. What’s interesting to note is that you keep walking towards her and she then decides to leave the odor keep walking. However, as you slow down, she checks back with you (:14) but I can’t tell if you’re still moving forward. I’m not sure if she’s chasing odor or just not sure about her insistence that there is odor there?

Molly comes back to search and your distance looks good, as does your movement with her. Plenty of room for Molly to work and she does go up the stairs as she tries to locate the source of the first hide. I also would have likely said to pay her as we hear Terry (?) say. You have a bunch of open/slatted/grated stairs with lots of air movement. So even tho’ your expectation was that Molly would source from below, she was telling you where it was strong up above. 🙂 Remember, you can always pay the dog where they seem to sense it strongest then see if they work around to another location. You could even have encouraged her to then work it from below. But you would have already BELIEVED her, where she had told you. This is important, as you progress further and the searches and hide parameters potentially get more challenging.

Great read on the “dog pee pole!” My guess is that she really was working odor and then was interrupted by the pole. You’re able to move her on and she then works the other hide.

Molly does a nice job of detailing the climbing wall, but look what happens when you take a step towards her at (1:51)! She stops and looks at you. IMO, that was why she communicated where she did, not because she was making a decision. Surely odor is moving and collecting in that spot so she was in odor but she is also highly susceptible to your movements. Had her response been because she thought she’d found odor, I’d have paid her. But because it was in response to you instead, it was a good decision to wait for her to find source.

I will also mention in this video that you do mark each find. If you read my comments in the Classroom forum, you’ll see why this can be problematic. With Molly who seems to be so in tune with you, this is something you’ll want to consider.

Molly does a very nice job of searching this area, even with a child swinging in the background! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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