Kimberly Buchanan

Actually, your leash handling wasn’t as bad as it may have felt! 🙂 Sure, there was a tangle at the first hide but your tension and distance seemed to be right on.

I actually like this puzzle! Cool search object, too. What’s nice is that Kalli is very communicative when she finds odor and seeks you out for payment. It looks like she is rewarded well. Yeah! She does go back to the first hide a few times, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Good that she is that invested.

With the second hide, she works it w/o regard and goes under the hitch to source! Also, working outside with whatever distractions were in the area didn’t seem to be an issue. I wouldn’t worry too much about dropping treats. It happens. And it’s all good to Kalli! 🙂

One question: I noticed that you hold the treats in your hand for fast delivery but you keep your hand behind your back during the search for the second hide. Is this habit or would Kalli really get distracted by food in your hand? (You moved it there when she asked to be paid again for the first hide.) Do you have a bait pouch or do you keep rewards in your pocket? I find that I keep one or two rewards in my hand (the rest in a bait pouch) and then reload as the dog leaves one hide to go to another. I can always grab more treats if I want to reward more at a hide but this way it’s less likely I will drop them. Still happens sometimes but less. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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