Linda Bath

    How the air moves still surprises me. I have a very hard time reading it. The next video was taken at a school playground. The wind was blowing towards the building when I set the hide and then switched towards the left as I am standing and facing the search area. There were two hides. One on the climbing wall and one on the stairs going up to the slide. I chose to work her off leash to give her more room, no crowding, and to see her decisions.
    Molly caught odor at the stairs, but something else seemed more important and she ran on. When I called her back, Molly worked out the odor very well. Almost gave her a reward on the stairs, but she decided to move down and alerted right on the elevated hide. Molly then sniffed a pole with definite pee smell and then decided to move on. When I watched the video I could see from where I was standing Molly probably could read something was in that area. She worked that elevated hide quite well, though she seemed to think it was one peg down from where it actually was. Air current or did I touch it with odor? Can’t tell you. Just need to be more careful.