Gina Baker

Here is our second video…
This huge roller was parked at the end of our road a couple weeks ago and instantly thought – cool vehicle type search! I placed 2 hides both were birch and they cooked for a little over an hour. About 7:00PM, no wind and in low 70’s. I really liked the first hide for Kalli because of the height, above her head but she could still get to source. Poor leash handling at rewarding! She did have a bit of trouble moving on, probably due to me getting the leash wrapped around her leg. The second hide I expected her to go around to the other side to hit it better but she went underneath and got to source. OOPS – treat dropping that time. I still struggle with hide placement for a good puzzle but at the same time keeping it safe.
Another idea for a class!
Overview – I liked how she worked both hides in spite of very poor handling on my part.