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Deb (De) Frost

    Cheryl, that sounded like the start of a good practice session for Corkie. Controlled environment with way less possibility of random dog pee distractions, limited number of containers, and pairing to bring him quickly to source. The fact that he did a head snap once he passed the hide and caught odor was great! Knowing where the hide was gave you the opportunity to be right there, promptly delivering more rewards at source.

    I would probably repeat exercises like this one multiple times, starting from different directions, focusing on reward delivery.

    My dog, Baxter, was a notorious marker when I adopted him (home 3 or 4 <sigh>). When we started NW, I really feared this would be our downfall. ? But Bad LOVED NW3 pretty much from day one, so we persevered.

    Consistent “consequences” was the key (for us) in dealing with the marking issue. Baxter almost never lifts his leg during a search these days (never say never!?). Early on, and ALWAYS, if he peed during a search, the result was the same. No correction, no “Bad dog.” He was immediately removed from the search area and put away. No more hunting … a cheerful “sucks to be you, buddy!” was all he heard. For many dogs, Baxter included, being abruptly removed from a hunt was a terrible and totally understandable consequence. After this had happened several times, you could actually SEE him stop and sniff, think about it … and move on. ?

    He would be allowed to come back and try the search again later on. A 10 minute break usually gives them enough time to think it over.