Terry Wright and Kai

Here is my second video take on July 8th around 5:30pm, it was 82º in the shade!
On the north side of house, no wind. Hides were out about 40 minutes.
This was the second video taken. Changed location of the hides and started in a different position.
Three vehicles in a spoke formation, rear ends to the middle.
White pickup, Van, Blue Car
One hide on each vehicle.

At .09 sec Taku caught odor that was coming from the other side, under the truck.
At .16 sec he caught lingering odor.
At .37 sec he found the odor and was rewarded.
At 1:06 sec you see the tin on the door hinge under the tail light to the left. He found it was reward.
My IPhone ran out of storage, I had to get my camera to finish the search, at 1:12 is where they are spliced together.
At 1:18 he is interested in lingering odor.
At 1:39 finds hide in the wheel. Rewarded

I noticed a couple (at least) things in this video of Taku that I’m very proud of …
Do you see them ?? Any and all comments, suggestions are appreciated as always 🙂

Terry Wright