Terry Wright and Kai

To your first question, of where I thought the odor would come out between two chairs. I was actually thinking *anywhere*, back, top, sides and the front. So if we’d been at a trial I would have called alert at .02 sec. when he showed interest in the right corner and he looked at me! Think I would have gotten a YES??

And looking at the video again, yes he was persistent wasn’t he, by touching his nose to the back of the chair.

You said “One thing you can do is to reward for the communication and THEN wait for the dog to try to get closer. I would not cue (to me that means find a different hide) but just wait and then pay again.” You mean I should have rewarded him at .02 sec. and waited to see if he’d *show* me again at that same spot… or *show* me that he could get closer?

And “go back a step and working sourcing exercises”, you mean a more closed area/container where the odor doesn’t escape in 10 different directions??

Thanks Kim!

Terry Wright