Kimberly Buchanan

Nice work! I thought Kalli worked thru the lingering odor quite well. It’s ok for her to acknowledge that there was odor there and yet she didn’t try to convince you.

At the corner of the building; I think Kalli started out working odor. A corner like that is a great place for a dog to make some decisions about which way the air currents are taking odor. However, it does look like she then got caught up in “something else.” Note how still she is for a prolonged amount of time. Very telling. BUT, then she makes a decision to work the adjacent vehicle so my guess is that she did notice odor.

Now, she starts to work the vehicle on the wall side, but changes her mind. Was it because that’s how odor is moving or because it’s not a comfortable place to be? Not sure. She did work the wall side a few seconds later from the other direction.

What’s interesting to note is her behavior at (1:41). She looks like something has distracted her. No idea what it might be but she’s not fully engaged in searching until (1:44) and odor grabs her! Nice change of behavior. You mention tension on the leash but at that moment there is none. Kalli does a very nice job of bracketing and determining where source was located. And of course, I always love your celebrations with Kalli when she locates odor. 🙂

Overall, I thought your distance and leash tension were perfect for Kalli. You do a very good job of paying out/drawing in the line. Just remember not to drop your leash while rewarding. I know this was just practice but sometimes we get comfortable doing something that could be problematic in competition. 😉

Regarding leash pressure in general. At this point, there is no harm in applying a slight amount of pressure (very slight) to proof against it. You will want to see if Kalli will still pull towards odor regardless of the pressure since this could happen in a trial and you want to be sure Kalli isn’t overly swayed by your apparent decision to go in a different direction. Reward even more when she pulls against you to get to odor.

You two are working very well together!

Kimberly Buchanan
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