Stefanie Alexander

    Can You Hear Me Now: Vehicles. This blind search was taped this morning in our driveway. It is 50 degrees, cloudy, and very breezy—the loud background sound is the wind as well as the neighbor’s wind chime and later, an airplane. We are using our Saturn Vues, along with a workbench for the third vehicle.

    We are in a narrow area and around second 28, I talk too much and tell Prim I can back up (to give her space). I’m wondering now if I pulled her off odor—I find out after this search that we do miss a hide on the muffler of the blue Vue.

    As you can see, Prim is lackluster and even tentative. I’m thinking she’s not liking the wind or at least, it is making this search more challenging. She takes her time finding the first hide in the wheel of the black Vue (1:05-1:28), working backward to the odor and being sure she is correct.

    The second hide is on the tool box and she does a nice job using the blue Vue wheel to narrow on in (1:54-2:22).

    From 2:40-2:50, Prim is back in the foliage and just stops, distracted. I call finish.

    Summary: there were 3 total hides; we missed the one on the muffler.

    What do you see?

    [Time: I thought 2:30 and it was 2:50-ish.]