Kimberly Buchanan

Interesting comparing the two searches. In the clear room, Prim’s tail barely moves. This could be that she’s not as secure or it could be because there is no odor = no party/reward at the end. It would be worth experimenting by doing another videotaped search WITH odor in that very room to see if her tail movement changes.

In the first search, you have a challenging hide on the wall. She definitely shows signs of detecting something higher in the room. All of the investigations up, on elevated surfaces says there might be something up. Against the wall like that can be hard since there isn’t a lot of ways for the dog to triangulate it. By going slightly outside the door, she could use the edge of the wall (:44) but she just doesn’t have enough time (or experience) to work out this problem. More exposure to this type of hide and it should become easier. 🙂

Overall she’s looking good!

Kimberly Buchanan
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