Stefanie Alexander

Thanks. I was happy with the search overall–initially, I thought she might be on a walk about, but I was able to hear her breathing and it is different when she is searching actively vs. when she is crittering. Also, this search didn’t turn out the way I imagined in a good way. Prim has had difficulty getting back on task in the past when distracted. I’m thrilled that the slight re-cue actually worked! 🙂

Object: This hide is located in a clock sculpture near the front entrance of the school. Prim begins with much enthusiasm and does a nice job working the side of the building and the main entrance. I consciously am trying to give her space and let her make the decisions—truthfully, I am much more successful at doing this at the beginning of the video rather than at its end. Too much leash as she is circling this pole-like object also proves to be a challenge. When she alerts on the opposite side of where the hide is, I hesitate to reward. [Sigh.] With her still working, I elect to let her get a bit closer before ending this search. I knew then as well as now watching this video that I assist way too much as she gets closer to source.