Sarah Sorlien

Well, I am up in the mountains this week, and it took half a day to upload a video. This may be the last one I can get up before the class ends. This was one we did off leash at home for high exterior hides. My trimmed video didn’t get uploaded so am linking to start at 50s.

I notice a few things. She locates the areas of the three hides fairly quickly (and maybe I should have paid those at 2:05 or so) but doesn’t really go after the second (blue bird feeder) until I hold a piece of food up near the hide. I think that is cheating. I then try walking in different directions around the red chair to disrupt the air flow and bring her from different approaches. She ultimately gets that. I think the walking around the hide I did for the red chair helped her.

Going forward I think it is good for me to note where she first shows interest. She may not identify it, but she is accurate about the vicinity.
Note: when she is going off screen left and looks back to me, she is at a gate to the rest of the yard. I didn’t see that as alert behavior, but it may look like that.