Sarah Sorlien

So I did the ground level hides at the house in the mountains. This is a longer video, but I thought still useful, so I am posting the whole thing. I aged 4 hides for an hour. She spots that there is something going on at the tree right away, but cannot find the hide there until I drop a treat on it at about 5:05. She finds the other hides pretty easily. (And this isn’t smellovision, so you can’t appreciate that the neighbor just spread manure.)

I find she has the hardest time with the ground level hides, so I wanted to let her go on this so she could work things out. She usually is standing right on them when she misses them.

When we were at your Toy seminar, Kim, you showed several videos from Ron Gaunt and I noticed he set a lot of high hides. I had seminar with him the next month so we practiced high hides quite a bit. We see her going up the tree here, so I think I have have taught her that will be successful.

I try leading her by the tree at different approaches to help her, but I might have spent a lot of time getting in her way… this was good practice for both of us.