Stefanie Alexander

Part C (High): Prim, being an agile dog, usually doesn’t have issues with high hides, so we decided to up the ante by not only placing these hides in a triangular fashion, but also have the middle one on a corner of the brick exterior of the building. This provided a necessary level of difficulty for where she is right now. I wondered initially by the wind picking up on this corner and the very light rain along with a barking dog if she’d get frustrated, and at one point, you can tell by the video that she stops and ponders (2:45), but this is a great example of her needing to work through the scent cones in order to trace the odor back to source. Note: this video is 3 minutes long, a tad bit longer than her usual 1.5 minutes or so.

To start, Prim begins with a bounce in her step—something that I’m thrilled to see as she really wants to work. Yay! She diligently traces the cone down and up to find hide #1 on metal door (17 secs).

Next, we are basically working a variety of surfaces: bark, brick, grass, concrete, and asphalt as Prim narrows in on the next hides. I believe she’s in position to get the hide on the metal pole (1:25), but she is distracted by a barking dog and we’re back to working the two converging cones. Finally, after going back and forth along that brick corner and her even pointing her nose upward, she works a window (2:28) and is able to zero in from there (2:31).

By 2:45 as mentioned above, Prim stop and appears to want help. I do elect to place one arm behind my back and then take a step forward. I don’t know the time, but I’m thinking we’re getting close to the 3 minutes or so.

As you can see in this video, Prim does struggle, but what I’m very happy about is that she has the endurance and determination to keep working.