Stefanie Alexander

    Thanks for the clarification on “paying out the line.” Good to know I wasn’t in her way as this is something I have really needed to be cognizant of as a handler.

    Merging Lanes #C This is filmed on the third side of the same school. We begin near a hockey storage bin, but this isn’t in play. Instead, we are using both vehicles and the large dumpster. Prim moves forward and uses a different metal gate (than exercise #A) to zero in on the hide located on a seam of the dumpster. She then works on the back side of the blue Vue and up and around to locate hide #2 (which she missed on the first approach). She returns to the dumpster and seems to be crittering on an icky spot (wet from trash or a creature) and I opt to pull her off there—a rather heavy handed turn I admit– and ask her to move to the other vehicle. She then successful zeroes in on the last hide.