Sarah Sorlien

Yes I think she was distracted by the location (funny since motorcycles etc don’t seem to faze her) and also by the heat. This is sort of the way she searches when we are at workshops. All the prior searches were at home – and yes, she is enthusiastic there.

The earlier video with the triangle was actually shot a few minutes after that. She seemed to have more alacrity then.

I am thinking that I need to bring her out to more locations.

As for the hide where I pay her a few times, I actually couldn’t tell where it was. I delayed a bit and she started pawing. At my husband’s car. Perhaps you heard him crying in the background. He goes to the body shop every other month to get something fixed on that 2001 car! So I was trying to pay her again before the paw came out. I think she recognized a jackpot… My mom planted the hides pretty well 🙂